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Since 1998, the Canus laboratory has developed a proven technique that transfers the benefits of fresh goat milk to its various product lines

Biodegradable soap made with vegetal base from a certified sustainable plantation.

Delicately soothes your senses with a comforting fragrance.

$5.90 $3.00
Whiten your teeth on the go with Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening Strips which uses the highest legal grade whitening formula. These strips can be used on the go and are barely recognisable when warn; meaning you add them to your get-ready routine. To see the best, whitest results apply for 14 days. But the best part is that it causes no sensitivity to your teeth. After all, besides that beautiful smile of yours, your health is most important to us.
$32.90 $16.00
The Brush Guard - Variety Pack

The Brush Guard Variety Pack includes

  • 1 Large, 
  • 2 Medium, 
  • 2 Small and 
  • 1 Extra Small guards.


Only the patented Brush Guard allows your makeup brushes to dry bristle-side down so water can escape properly, allowing your brushes to dry in perfect shape!

With The Brush Guard, your make-up brushes can be stored or packed without a worry in a purse, kit or roll. Now brushes can go anywhere without risk of damage!

*Your makeup brushes are an investment, take care of them!*

$6.90 $4.90

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